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November 24th 2014 / FAQ


Posted by Alain Francis
  1. Error Message:

    553 sorry, that domain isn't allowed to be relayed thru this MTA (#5.7.1)


SMTP authentication, You have to check My ougoing server requires authenticaion, then make sure that use same settings as my incoming is selected.

  1. Error Message:



The IP ( was used to send bulk emails or was used by hackers to send spam messages. Removing an IP that has a bad reputation will take up to 24 hours.

  1. Error Message:

552 Sorry, this message appears to be spam (#5.6.0) (in reply to end of DATA command)

            This is the Spam Firewall at

             I'm sorry to inform you that the message below could not be delivered.
             When delivery was attempted, the following error was returned.

             <>: host[]          


              Lower the level of antispam from very aggressive to a lower degree, or add the sender domain to the safe list.

  1. Error Message



To fix this problem you have to uncheck the log on using secure password authentication checkbox.

How can I access my webmail ? & how can i change my email password?

Open any browser and write, for example:


From this page you can click on RoundCube in order to check your webmail or click on Change your Pop3 password in order to change your password.

After Clicking on RoundCube, you will have to insert the below info